Trade Looming in Montreal: Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton are Likely to Move a Goalie in the Coming Weeks

Published October 31, 2023 at 11:35

According to some observers, a resolution regarding the well-known case of the goaltenders at the Montreal Canadiens seems likely to be known soon. Indeed, Kent Hughes has repeatedly stated that he is actively looking for a solution, ruling out the option of placing Cayden Primeau on waivers, to allow Martin St-Louis to have only two goalies in his lineup.

Moreover, in the past few hours, the journalist assigned to cover the activities of the Canadiens for Sportsnet, Eric Engels, made a very interesting statement in response to fans' questions on Twitter. When asked about the possibility of a trade involving a CH goalie, Engels indicated that it would be difficult for the situation to be resolved in any other way.

"Difficult to see it any other way. It will be difficult to pass Primeau through waivers, unless a few other goalies join teams in need." - Eric Engels

Wow! Let's just say that this statement speaks volumes about what awaits Cayden Primeau in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, while on the "JiC" show on TVA Sports, Renaud Lavoie admitted that three teams have shown interest in the 24-year-old Canadiens goalie. According to his sources, the Anaheim Ducks, the New Jersey Devils, and the St. Louis Blues have contacted Kent Hughes regarding the price for his acquisition.

The three teams mentioned previously have very promising young number two goalies (Lukas Dostal, Akira Schmid, and Joel Hofer), but they have not had the start to the season expected, with very little playtime. It would be greatly beneficial for them to return to the American League to get more starts and continue their development.

"These teams are asking themselves: 'would we be better off sending this youngster to play two or three games a week [in the AHL] or just one here [in the NHL]?'" - Renaud Lavoie

Although Cayden Primeau does not have a ton of experience in the Bettman league, he could represent a very interesting option for these teams to ensure the progression of their young goalies. Now it remains to be seen if the CH's general manager, Kent Hughes, will be able to complete a transaction in the near future.

One thing is certain, his days with the Canadiens seem numbered, as he could likely leave the organization in the coming weeks.
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Trade Looming in Montreal: Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton are Likely to Move a Goalie in the Coming Weeks

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