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Major Turnaround for David Savard: What's Going on With Him?

Published December 27, 2023 at 11:24

Since joining the Montreal Canadiens in 2021, David Savard has clearly demonstrated why he's known as a true warrior on the ice. The defenseman is capable of delivering solid hits and never hesitates to block an opposing shot to help his team succeed.

Additionally, he plays an incredible role with the young defensemen in the organization, holding a status akin to a big brother in the Montreal locker room. He is undoubtedly an exceptional leader and an example of determination on the ice, consistently giving 110%.

In this regard, Kaiden Guhle has admitted that Savard, number 58, is the player he admires most on the Canadiens and that he aims to model his style of play after his teammate. This statement speaks volumes about the impact David Savard can have in Martin St-Louis' lineup, as he seems to continually help the defensemen with their development.

Savard provides invaluable services to the organization, being one of the team's best defensemen in defensive territory. However, an impressively positive trend is observed in his gameplay this season, where he is also delivering in offensive territory, despite never being labeled as an offensive defenseman.

After accumulating 17 and 20 points in his first two years with the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, David Savard has an impressive total of seven points, including three goals, in just eleven games in the 2024-2025 season. This is astounding for a defenseman who has never surpassed 36 points in the NHL, currently producing at a pace of 52 points in 82 games.

He is literally on fire, and his play significantly impacts the Canadiens' performances. With David Savard in the lineup, the CH has a record of six wins, two losses, and three overtime defeats. However, during his injury, the Canadiens played below .500, recording a record of 9-11-2.

As the trade deadline approaches, several general managers will undoubtedly be interested in acquiring him, as he is the ideal type of player to elevate his game in the playoffs. However, given his major importance in the team's success, it will be interesting to see if Kent Hughes will actually consider parting with him.

Currently, no one can replace him on the right flank, as he plays more than 20 minutes per game. He excels in defensive territory and is contributing extraordinarily on offense at the moment. The CH's general manager will surely face a difficult decision regarding the veteran's future in the coming weeks.

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Major Turnaround for David Savard: What's Going on With Him?

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