Arber Xhekaj Trade: Renaud Lavoie Has Confirmed His Future in Montreal

Published December 9, 2023 at 5:06 PM

In recent weeks, there have been numerous trade rumors involving the two goalies of the Canadiens, namely Jake Allen and Cayden Primeau. However, the topic of the moment in Montreal is undoubtedly one of the crowd's favorites, the young defenseman Arber Xhekaj.

After being sidelined for nearly three weeks, Arber Xhekaj has apparently lost his spot in the Canadiens' lineup. Indeed, to the great surprise of many fans, the organization announced that number 72 was sent down to the Laval Rocket in the American League, despite the presence of Jayden Struble and Gustav Lindstrom in the Montreal lineup.

This news quickly made the rounds on the web, casting serious doubt on Wifi's future in Montreal. After all, the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge has a lot of talented young defensemen who will be joining the Bettman circuit in the near future, greatly complicating the task for Arber Xhekaj.

Some observers have therefore questioned the relevance of keeping him with the team, given his excellent current market value. In this regard, during an intervention on BPM Sports, journalist Mathias Brunet notably mentioned that the CH's general manager, Kent Hughes, could be able to obtain a first-round pick if he decided to trade his defenseman.

"A first-round pick, the Canadiens can get one with their eyes closed for Arber Xhekaj. I can confirm that there is at least one or more teams in the NHL that are ready to give up a first-round pick to acquire the best fighter in the National Hockey League." - Mathias Brunet

Naturally, this statement sparked a big debate on social media. Knowing that the Tricolore has several promising defenders in its organization, some fans hoped to see Kent Hughes maximize the value of the defenseman in a trade. However, some also disagreed with this possibility, wishing to keep the team's only enforcer in Montreal [or in Laval].

However, Renaud Lavoie was quick to deny this possibility, indicating that regardless of the defender's trade value, Arber Xhekaj is not available on the trade market. He also added that despite his demotion to the AHL, the Sheriff is still part of the Canadiens' long-term plans, as he advocates a unique style of play that is valued by all teams in the Bettman circuit.

"Arber Xhekaj is not for trade." - Renaud Lavoie

The journalist at TVA Sports also reported that many general managers have contacted Kent Hughes to inquire about the availability of the defender. However, the GM of the Tricolore would have let it be known that number 72 will not be traded anytime soon. A defenseman who applies solid checks, constantly defends his teammates, and is able to support the attack is a rare commodity in the NHL, and the Canadiens wish to keep him in their organization.

So it's a closed case! Arber Xhekaj will not be traded!

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Arber Xhekaj Trade: Renaud Lavoie Has Confirmed His Future in Montreal

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