Montreal Canadiens forward Joshua Roy and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman
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Joshua Roy Officially Penalized Thousands of Dollars by Gary Bettman

Published January 14, 2024 at 9:49

During the Edmonton Oilers' visit to the Bell Centre last night, it was a very special evening for one player in particular: Joshua Roy.

The 20-year-old Quebecer played his first NHL career game last night and had the opportunity to do so in front of about thirty friends and family members.

It was undoubtedly one of the best days of his life, but it also came with a first penalty from Gary Bettman and the league.

As is customary in the NHL, when a rookie plays his first game, he is given the famous solo lap during the warm-up. However, the Beauceron did it without a helmet, as some dare to do.

The problem is that this has been forbidden for new players for a few years now, as they must wear a helmet during the warm-up period.

The rule is clear and Roy will receive a $2,500 fine from the commissioner.

It's totally ridiculous, in my opinion. There should be an immunity for this symbolic first lap. According to some teams, it happens that veterans pay the fine so that the rookie can enjoy it to the fullest.

This is possibly what will happen for the Canadiens' fifth-round pick in 2021.

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Joshua Roy Officially Penalized Thousands of Dollars by Gary Bettman

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