Corey Perry's Return to the NHL: Elliotte Friedman Drops a Bombshell

Published January 14, 2024 at 4:15 PM

In the last few hours, the excellent Elliotte Friedman made a major statement regarding the Corey Perry saga. Indeed, the analyst indicated that several teams would not have terminated his contract, implying that his actions might be much less serious than some claim.

"There is definitely a feeling here that if this had happened with another team, it might not have led to a contract termination" - Elliotte Friedman

Of course, for legal reasons, Elliotte Friedman could not reveal exactly what happened, but his testimony speaks volumes about the nature of the act committed by the former Montreal Canadiens forward.

In light of this information, it wouldn't be surprising if several general managers were interested in acquiring him for the spring playoffs. However, Corey Perry must absolutely sign a new deal before March 8th if he wishes to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

It should be noted that the 38-year-old veteran is increasingly involved in various speculations, especially since he officially received the green light from Gary Bettman on Wednesday. The commissioner confirmed that he could return to play and finish the 2023-2024 season if a team is willing to offer him a contract.

Moreover, according to several sources, the interested party has already started discussions with an NHL team. However, to the great dismay of fans who would like to see him back in the Montreal uniform, it seems that this team is rather the Toronto Maple Leafs, who would like to add a veteran to their lineup by the trade deadline.

"There is mutual interest between the Toronto Maple Leafs and forward Corey Perry." - Carlo Colaiacovo

Corey Perry in a Leafs jersey? This is certainly not the outcome that Canadiens fans hoped for. However, nothing is yet official on this side, and everything can change very quickly in the world of hockey.

One thing is for sure, it will be very interesting to see which teams will want to offer a new opportunity to the right winger, and we are eager to know his next destination. This will undoubtedly be a case to watch closely in the coming weeks.

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Corey Perry's Return to the NHL: Elliotte Friedman Drops a Bombshell

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