Montreal Canadiens forward Juraj Slafkovsky
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BREAKING: Juraj Slafkovsky's Fate Confirmed Ahead of Tonight's Game

Published March 12, 2024 at 5:20 PM

Over the last few days, the health status of Juraj Slafkovsky has raised numerous concerns among fans. Indeed, the forward was seen limping on a few occasions, having not participated in the last five practices of the Montreal Canadiens.

Clearly, the first overall pick in the 2022 draft is currently troubled by an injury, and some are wondering if Martin St-Louis should not give him a few games off to ensure he does not worsen his condition.

«Juraj Slafkovsky is absent from today's practice. Treatment day, the team tells us. Definitely not the first time recently. The forward is clearly troubled.» - Anthony Martineau

However, despite the fact that there are no real stakes left in the regular season, the Tricolore insists on playing the Slovak forward, putting his physical condition at risk. Moreover, in the last few hours, the head coach of the Tricolore has officially confirmed that Slafkovsky will be playing alongside Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield in the upcoming match against the Blue Jackets.

It's hard to tell if this is good news or not...

Obviously, we are very happy to see that number 20 is able to play, but we are still worried that he might worsen his situation.

«Martin St-Louis has dispelled doubts that Juraj Slafkovský could be a "game time decision" by confirming that number 20 will play tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets.» - Via Priyanta Emrith

We strongly hope that Juraj Slafkovsky will be able to finish the season without suffering a serious injury. It would be a heavy loss for the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge if he had to be absent at the start of the 2024-2025 campaign.

At 19 years old, the left winger has had a frankly interesting progression this year, claiming 13 goals and 20 assists (33 points) in 64 games.

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BREAKING: Juraj Slafkovsky's Fate Confirmed Ahead of Tonight's Game

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