Montreal Canadiens defenseman David Savard
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Concerning Announcement Involving David Savard

Published January 8, 2024 at 11:16

In the last few minutes, the Montreal Canadiens have announced that the 33-year-old defenseman, David Savard, will not participate in the team's morning practice, as he will be receiving treatment from the medical staff.

"The defenseman David Savard will not participate in today's practice (treatment day)." - Montreal Canadiens

It's rather concerning to see the defenseman having to miss practice like this, especially since the Tricolore players had a day off yesterday. We sincerely hope that the veteran is not troubled by an injury, as he plays a crucial role in the defensive brigade since his return to the game.

In addition to being a true warrior in the defensive territory, the CH's number 58 brings a very impressive offensive contribution this season. Indeed, David Savard has accumulated three goals and five assists (eight points) in just 17 games.

Increasingly present in trade rumors, it will certainly be very captivating to see what Kent Hughes will do with his defenseman, who could certainly allow the organization to obtain an interesting return.

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Concerning Announcement Involving David Savard

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