Wild Scene: Cole Caufield Takes On Giant Tage Thompson

Published December 10, 2023 at 10:23

It was a big game for Martin St-Louis' team yesterday, filled with emotion and the desired level of toughness.

Some say that Arber Xhekaj was missed to temper the enthusiasm of the Buffalo Sabres, who took malicious pleasure in repeatedly jostling the Montreal Canadiens players.

In a moment that almost went unnoticed, we even saw Cole Caufield trying to assert himself by avenging a hit received in the blind spot of Juraj Slafkovsky. However, it wasn't just anyone, as it was the tall Tage Thompson.

Here are the images:

As we can see, it makes for a striking contrast to see Caufield at 5 feet 7 inches taking on Thompson, who stands at 6 feet 7 inches.

It was even Slaf himself who moved Caufield aside, probably thinking it wouldn't accomplish much.

Still, I like to see that the little sniper doesn't shy away, showing a bit of character even though it's far from his role.
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Wild Scene: Cole Caufield Takes On Giant Tage Thompson

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