Macklin Celebrini seen in Montreal weeks before the draft

Aaron Itovitch
April 20, 2024  (12:53)

Top 2024 NHL Draft prospect Macklin Celebrini
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As the NHL playoffs kick off today, Montreal Canadiens fans are eagerly waiting to see if a small miracle could happen during the Macklin Celebrini lottery.

Although the chances of the Tricolore landing the first pick are only 8.5%, hope continues to fuel the dreams of Montreal fans. After all, securing this coveted pick would allow Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton to select the best forward in the draft, Macklin Celebrini.
There is no doubt that such a scenario would completely transform Martin St-Louis's attack and give the organization a huge step forward in its rebuilding process.
Speaking of Macklin Celebrini, an interesting piece of information has somewhat gone under the radar this week.
Indeed, the Boston University center was spotted at the Bell Centre in recent days, where he, along with some Terriers players, came to support his former teammate, Lane Hutson, in his first home game.
Wow! That says a lot about his personality!
Even though he will surely be the first player to hear his name at the next draft, the 17-year-old forward still took the initiative to travel to Montreal to have the chance to see his good friend play in the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge jersey.
« In total, there were 16 players from the Terriers in a loge at the Bell Centre. Macklin Celebrini, the future class valedictorian of the 2024 draft, was also there. » - Via Jean-François Chaumont

Having completely dominated in the American college ranks, Lane Hutson and Macklin Celebrini have developed a very strong friendship over the past few months, and many fans hope they will have the chance to be reunited in the Tricolore uniform eventually.
Unfortunately, this possibility depends solely on the lottery, and as mentioned earlier, the Montreal Canadiens only hold an 8.5% chance of getting the very first pick overall.
However, until this famous lottery, nothing prevents fans from dreaming about the damage a duo consisting of Lane Hutson and Macklin Celebrini could do in the NHL.
Originally from Vancouver, the number 71 of the Boston University Terriers completed his first season in the NCAA with an impressive total of 32 goals and 32 assists (64 points) in only 38 games, which are simply astounding statistics for a young player of his age.
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Macklin Celebrini a été repéré au Centre Bell en très bonne compagnie
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Macklin Celebrini seen in Montreal weeks before the draft

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