Seattle Kraken prospect forward Shane Wright and Montreal Canadiens defensive prospect Logan Mailloux
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Logan Mailloux Versus Shane Wright: Major Statement Emerges

Published February 11, 2024 at 9:46

Due to his highly controversial selection in 2021, absolutely nobody in the world of hockey appreciated the Montreal Canadiens' 31st overall pick of Logan Mailloux.

However, as much water has flowed under the bridge in over two years and as the young man has greatly evolved on a personal level, we can now appreciate the progression and development of the 20-year-old defender.

Within the organization, there's a lot of talk about Lane Hutson and David Reinbacher, but Mailloux is another very talented defenseman who is likely to make a significant impact in Montreal very soon.

Logan Mailloux impresses everyone

In his first season as a professional, his level of play has evolved impressively. His first ten games in the AHL were challenging, but since then, he has been on a remarkable rise.

He was outstanding again yesterday, scoring three points, in addition to making his mark with robust play.

"Three points for Mailloux tonight... and that 'scuffle' from last night. He's scored more than a point per game and +11 in his last 15 matches. He's adapted quite quickly to professional hockey given his lack of junior experience."

He completely demolished an opposing player with a powerful hit Friday night:

In 45 games with the Laval Rocket this season, Mailloux has accumulated an impressive total of 11 goals and 32 points. He is currently the fifth highest-scoring defenseman in the league, and that as a rookie, just two points away from the first place.

What's fascinating about Mailloux is his ability to progress almost constantly from one game to the next. Although there are still several aspects of his game to refine, his development is very promising.

Logan Mailloux versus Shane Wright

A very interesting fact is that Mailloux currently has the same number of points as Shane Wright in the AHL, which is a total of 32 points. Although Wright is a year younger, the Canadiens player is a defenseman.

This comparison highlights very well the offensive impact of Mailloux in his first year as a pro, just like Wright.

At 6 feet 3 inches and 212 pounds, he already has the physicality for a role in the NHL. He is robust as desired and has very good mobility. Frankly, he is really not far from being able to make the jump to the NHL.

With him, Hutson, and Reinbacher knocking on the door next year for a spot in the Canadiens' defensive squad, there's likely to be a huge logjam at the team's training camp for the next season.

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Logan Mailloux Versus Shane Wright: Major Statement Emerges

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