Kent Hughes has officially met with two other potential stars

Aaron Itovitch
April 5, 2024  (5:08 PM)

Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes
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Given that the Montreal Canadiens may potentially secure a pick between the 5th and 7th positions in the draft, fans are expecting Kent Hughes to add an extremely promising player to the lineup.

Moreover, various pieces of information are starting to emerge regarding the player the organization might target on June 28. Indeed, thanks to information disclosed by Gonzo yesterday afternoon, we learned that Kent Hughes has already met with Tij Iginla, Jarome's son, four times since the start of the regular season.
However, in the last few hours, Anthony Martineau revealed exclusive information, mentioning that the CH's management had also met with Saginaw Spirit's defenseman Zayne Parekh, as well as Spokane Chiefs' center Berkly Catton.
«Two more quick infos:

- The CH has had at least two meetings with the (very offensive) defenseman Zayne Parekh so far; one via zoom and the second in person in Saginaw.

- The same goes for the electrifying Berkly Catton, whom the team met in Spokane.» - Anthony Martineau

This is interesting!
Clearly, Kent Hughes is doing his homework, wanting to form his own opinion on the various players who are expected to be selected in the top-10 during the draft held in Vegas.
It's really encouraging to see that the management of the Blue-White-Red is keen on learning more about the prospects of the 2024 class and does not hesitate to meet the players in person to better understand their personality and attitude.
For those who are less familiar with the two players mentioned earlier, here are some details about them:
Zayne Parekh is an 18-year-old right-handed defenseman with an offensive flair and a simply exceptional game vision. Many observers notably compare his playing style to that of Quinn Hughes from the Vancouver Canucks. Playing only his second season in the OHL, the Ontario native has accumulated an incredible total of 96 points, including 33 goals, in 66 games.
As for Berkly Catton, he is a left-handed center whose playing style is very reminiscent of Zach Benson's. He possesses excellent skating and is also very agile with the puck. Moreover, he knows how to adapt his playing style according to the circumstances, being able to use his speed to quickly penetrate the opposing territory as well as slowing down the game to wait for the support of his teammates.
He also had a remarkable offensive season, recording an impressive total of 54 goals and 62 assists (116 points) in just 68 games in the WHL. He was also the best player of the Canadian team at the last Hlinka Gretzky Cup, scoring at least one goal in each of the five games he participated in (eight goals and two assists).
It will be very interesting to see which player Kent Hughes will select in a few weeks, but one thing is certain, the Montreal Canadiens will acquire a prospect with very promising potential.
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Kent Hughes has officially met with two other potential stars

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