2024 NHL draft prospect Dean Letourneau with the Montreal Canadiens logo
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6-Foot-7 Top Prospect on the Verge of Joining the Canadiens? The Incredibly Talented Dean Letourneau Appears to Be a Target of Kent Hughes

Published March 24, 2024 at 9:27

Last February, Kent Hughes successfully added another valuable first-round pick to his organization through the trade of Sean Monahan, adding an additional option to his toolbox for the 2024 draft.

Currently, there are two options with this pick: it could be included by the Canadiens' general manager to acquire a young established forward, or if no trade is concluded, the team will add another first-round talent to its organization.

Related to the second scenario, if the CH opts to make a selection with the Jets' pick, journalist Nicolas Cloutier from TVA Sports published a solid report on a forward who could be targeted by the club.

The player in question is Dean Letourneau, an 18-year-old giant who already stands at 6 feet 7 inches tall.

"He's still learning to use his big frame, and that's scary."

A giant-sized center from a Canadian high school could go in the first round... but scouts are confused.

An option for the #CH with the Jets' pick?" - TVA Sports

Cloutier had the opportunity to speak with the young man's head coach, David Manning, from St. Andrew's College. Here's what he had to say about his protégé:

"NHL scouts are confused, explained the highly regarded Bob McKenzie in January. Some scouts have him in their top 10 or top 15, and many others rank him in the second or third round.

I've always said he's a 6-foot-7 guy who plays like he's 5-foot-4, illustrates Manning. He has a fantastic touch with the puck. He can do the same things that smaller players do in tight spaces. He can handle the puck close to his feet, around his body. Most young players who have grown that much don't move very elegantly. That's never been the case with him." - David Manning

With a haul of 78 goals and 160 points in 73 games, Letourneau is not the typical player of his size; he has impressive offensive skills, making him a uniquely intriguing prospect.

What's particularly intriguing about this center, who could be drafted anywhere from the first to the third round, is that he has been compared to a player of great interest to Canadiens fans.

His head coach noted Tage Thompson, the towering star forward of the Buffalo Sabres, to describe Letourneau's abilities on the ice.

"With that reach, level of skill, and skating ability, one could certainly compare the two players." - David Manning

In the perspective of the Canadiens wanting to add pure talent while beefing up their attack, this prospect precisely fits the Canadiens' criteria. He is certainly a project that could take several years before establishing himself in the NHL, but it's the kind of move that could pay off in the long run for the organization.

It's also interesting to note that Letourneau will be playing with the prestigious Boston College program in the NCAA next year, alongside Jacob Fowler, who is well known.

Credit: RDT - Un centre format géant solidement dans la mire du Canadien au prochain repêchage
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6-Foot-7 Top Prospect on the Verge of Joining the Canadiens? The Incredibly Talented Dean Letourneau Appears to Be a Target of Kent Hughes

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