Former Philadelphia Flyers forward and now St. Louis Blues veteran Kevin Hayes
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MAJOR: Longtime NHLer Reveals Disgusting Threats He Received Last Night

Published January 9, 2024 at 7:36 PM

The blockbuster trade involving Cutter Gauthier and Jamie Drysdale, between the Flyers and the Ducks, is likely to be a topic of discussion for a long time.

The American forward refused to report to the Philadelphia organization which had selected him 5th overall in the 2022 draft, forcing them to get rid of him via a trade.

Several reports have mentioned various negative behaviors of Gauthier towards the Flyers' management, repeatedly refusing to talk with the leaders and notably declining the team's invitation to the development camp during the summer without giving any reason.

He even refused to speak with a legend of the NHL and the organization, John LeClair, after a game, when the latter came to watch him play with Boston College.

The million-dollar question today is to know the real reason that led the young man to break all contact with the Flyers.

One of the rumors that has emerged disproportionately involves a current NHL player, who did not end on good terms with the Flyers, namely forward Kevin Hayes.

According to what is circulating, Hayes is said to have influenced the 19-year-old prospect and some of these rumors even claim that he had a major impact on the latter's decision to ignore the Flyers.

Where the controversy has completely derailed is that many people have taken this rumor at face value, to the point where Hayes has even received death threats to him and his family. Some of them have even rejoiced over the tragic death of his brother Jimmy, which occurred in 2021.

"Kevin Hayes on Philly: 'Yeah, I think it's complete bullshit, honestly. I think those two guys acted like competing bullshit, to be honest, making up bullshit. Now I'm going to sleep and wake up with death threats and people want my family dead and people are happy that my brother is dead.

I think it's completely crazy that this guy can say something like that. Honestly, I heard it and started laughing. Who am I to have an influence on whether a kid plays for an NHL team or not? I don't have that influence.'"

The behavior of people is absolutely ignoble and unacceptable, even if he had exerted any influence or not on young Gauthier.

He, however, asserts that the whole story involving him was completely false and that he had no part in this story.

All of this has completely derailed, both from Gauthier's camp, which has never given any justification for the player's refusal to agree with the Flyers, and from the organization itself, which has fueled the fire and hatred of the fans towards Gauthier.
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MAJOR: Longtime NHLer Reveals Disgusting Threats He Received Last Night

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