New Jersey Devils goaltender Jake Allen
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WOW: Shocking Revelation on the Jake Allen Trade and He Truly Did the Organization Right

Published March 9, 2024 at 9:46

After five months, the Montreal Canadiens' three-way goalie situation finally resolved itself with the departure of Jake Allen, quite unexpectedly, as the hopes of seeing something happen before the trade deadline were almost nonexistent.

The veteran goaltender has finally moved to New Jersey, a destination that had been part of the trade rumor mill for quite some time.

Incredible revelation regarding Allen and the Devils

We have just learned a significant piece of information related to the conclusion of the trade. In fact, this trade could have possibly happened earlier, but there was something that was stalling the negotiation's conclusion.

It was Allen himself who did not want to join the Devils' organization, as the team was part of a short list of seven teams to which he did not wish to be traded, included in his contract. Wow!

"The New Jersey Devils were on Jake Allen's no-trade list.

GM Tom Fitzgerald says he inquired about his availability a long time ago, but a trade was not possible for this reason. It was only this week that this clause was lifted." - Simon-Olivier Lorange

We can therefore conclude that if he had not agreed to leave Montreal for New Jersey, he could not have been traded.

This is another proof of how much of a class act Allen is and an exceptional athlete. He accepted his fate, wishing to resolve this untenable situation for the Canadiens, to also have the chance to reboot his career there.

It's an incredible gesture on his part, and we absolutely wish him the best for his future with the Devils.

Credit: Fanadiens
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WOW: Shocking Revelation on the Jake Allen Trade and He Truly Did the Organization Right

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