WOW: Brendan Gallagher Sends a Clear Message to Martin St. Louis

Aaron Itovitch
February 26, 2024  (7:43 PM)

Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher
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It's no longer a secret to anyone, but since his numerous injuries in 2020-2021, Brendan Gallagher is simply not the same player.

Indeed, while the small forward had accumulated an impressive total of 357 points in 582 games (0.66 point/game), his offensive production has greatly slowed down over the last three seasons, having only recorded 55 points in 146 games (0.37 point/game).
Moreover, a sad trend is observable as the Tricolore's number 11 has been unable to play a full season in the last five years, being regularly affected by various injuries.
Clearly, the former 30-goal scorer is having difficulty keeping up with his teammates on the ice and seems constantly frustrated by his poor performances.
To make matters worse, Martin St-Louis has clearly lost confidence in his forward, relegating him to the fourth line. A decision that does not suit Gally at all, who admitted that his pride had been greatly affected by the decisions of his head coach.
Indeed, in a recent interview, alongside Stu Cowan, the fifth-round pick in 2010 admitted he found it really difficult to accept his new role in the organization, adding that he simply wanted to find a way to contribute to the Canadiens' success.
"It's not easy. I'm a proud guy. I feel like you want to contribute. I'm a proud guy, and I want to contribute. As a player, it's just another challenge and something you have to earn to regain trust and opportunity.

It's not a good feeling. You want to have as many opportunities as possible. I hope I can regain that trust and get back to what I've been for most of my career." - Brendan Gallagher

The man himself also confessed that he wished to return to the level of play that had made him a crowd favorite for so many seasons. Although we would like to see him produce offensively again, his best years are behind him, and unfortunately, he seems to be on the decline.
"For me, right now, it's just about finding some rhythm. I feel like at the beginning of the year, I might have been in a comfort zone. The stability in the lines and everything else.

I feel like right now, I'm just trying to find my place, so to speak, to find some chemistry with a line. When you feel comfortable, you're confident, and everything in the game goes well. I was doing well for a while. I think that, lately, I've had a slump, and I hope that I can get back to my level from the beginning of the year." - Brendan Gallagher

Now 31 years old, Brendan Gallagher is earning a salary of $6.5 million, and that until the end of the 2026-2027 season. He has collected a meager total of nine goals and eight assists (17 points) in 53 games this season, displaying a horrendous differential of -25.
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WOW: Brendan Gallagher Sends a Clear Message to Martin St. Louis

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