Worrying update for Logan Mailloux and his future in Montreal

Aaron Itovitch
April 21, 2024  (2:33 PM)

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Logan Mailloux
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Analysts are divided on the real impact Logan Mailloux will have with the Canadiens, and a new statement has drastically fueled the conversation.

As is often the case, fans quickly get excited about a young prospect, and it's fitting here, after only... one game!
Yes! After just one game with the big club, analysts, experts, and fans already have their own opinion on the young player from Ontario. As recently as Wednesday, Alex Burrows, assistant coach to Martin St-Louis, compared Mailloux to none other than Shea Weber, the former CH captain.
Today, according to Danslescoulisses, Simon Boisvert made a rather harsh statement about the young defenseman on Tony Marinaro's *Sick Podcast*. Boisvert asserts that Mailloux, at best, will be a 6th defenseman.
We are definitely at two extremes concerning the statements by Burrows and Boisvert.
Returning to Mailloux. He had a fairly interesting season of 47 points in 70 games with the Laval Rocket, the Canadiens' farm team. The development of a defenseman is often more tumultuous than that of a forward, so one could say he is doing quite well.
He has played, as mentioned, just one modest game with the Canadiens, and he is already being compared to Shea Weber, a two-time Olympic gold medalist with over 1000 NHL games under his belt. Mailloux, on the other hand, has played only one game so far. Can we wait a bit before making such big declarations?
Simon Boisvert simply states the following:
I maintain that Mailloux will be a #6... he seems to be sleepwalking at times... I find that sometimes he seems to be dreaming on the ice

Once again, Mailloux: one game and one point!
When we talk about pressure in Montreal, this is what we refer to. A young man, who has faced very embarrassing situations in recent years, must endure statements that come from all sides.
He will need a big brother in the CH's entourage to establish himself well, whether as a Shea Weber or a 6th defenseman, but the way he is led will likely define where he will stand, and only the future will tell us that.
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Simon Boisvert: Logan Mailloux ne sera qu'un 6e défenseur dans la LNH
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Worrying update for Logan Mailloux and his future in Montreal

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