Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St. Louis and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman
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MAJOR: Martin St. Louis Gets a Harsh Warning From Commissioner Gary Bettman

Published March 2, 2024 at 9:26

TVA Sports journalist, Renaud Lavoie, has revealed something quite significant that occurred throughout the NHL over the past few days.

Gary Bettman sent a strong message to the league's head coaches, asking them to immediately stop criticizing the officiating.

The commissioner was not joking, and the warning is very clear: no more outbursts.

Like all coaches, Martin St-Louis is also affected, he who has been pushing the envelope a bit more lately with the officials.

Here is what the journalist mentioned:

"The NHL is $50,000 richer! (following the very severe fines handed down to the head coaches of Toronto and Buffalo)"

"The message is sent by the NHL: do not make the referees look bad, and if you have something to say, say it in private otherwise it will be expensive!"

"The NHL had told coaches to stay calm with the referees. (and the warning has been reissued)"

- Via Renaud Lavoie, TVA Sports

It must be said that it is always a bit odd to restrict the right to speak and the right to criticize the referees, who, like the players, do not always perform well this season.

But well, the latter "represent" the NHL, and when they are criticized, one imagines that Bettman seems to perceive it as a direct attack on him.

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MAJOR: Martin St. Louis Gets a Harsh Warning From Commissioner Gary Bettman

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