Major information emerges on PK Subban's trade from Montreal

Aaron Itovitch
March 26, 2024  (9:14)

Retired former Montreal Canadiens defenseman PK Subban
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David St-Germain was a guest on Max Truman's Stanley25 podcast, where he made a statement regarding PK Subban's departure from the Montreal Canadiens.

As you know, the former defenseman for the Tricolore was a very polarizing athlete within the organization, being either adored or completely detested by Montreal fans.
During his seven seasons with the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, PK Subban had his moments of shine and controversy. While greatly appreciated for his spectacular maneuvers and frankly impressive offensive contributions, many fans criticized his work in the defensive zone, as he was often responsible for costly turnovers.
Despite these repetitive mistakes, he was an important member of the Montreal Canadiens, amassing a sensational total of 278 points in 434 games with the CH. He also won the Norris Trophy in the 2012-2013 season, awarded to the best defenseman in the league.
However, throughout his stay in the city, various rumors circulated about him. It was said at the time that the 43rd overall pick in 2007 was not well-liked by his teammates, taking up too much space in the locker room and constantly seeking to be the center of attention.
During his appearance on the Stanley25 podcast, David St-Germain, a former manager with the Tricolore, confirmed many of the rumors by mentioning that the team's players and coaching staff were very happy when they learned that PK Subban had been traded to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Shea Weber.
"Let's not hide it, everyone was happy that he left the Montreal Canadiens, especially the players and coaches. That was really the feeling we had within the organization. He took up a lot of space." - David St-Germain

Jean Trudel also added that no CH player, except Mathieu Darche, had attended the launch of PK Subban's foundation, thus showing that he was clearly not the most popular player on the Canadiens.
"When I went to the launch of his foundation, I was surprised to see that no Montreal Canadiens player was present. It was a Thursday night, there was no game until Saturday, it was surely an evening where players could go out, but despite that, only Mathieu Darche had come. I found it really strange." - Jean Trudel

Wow! We knew that the personality of number 76 took up a lot of space, but we did not expect the team's players to be happy to learn of his departure to the United States.
Let's just say that says a lot about the atmosphere in the Tricolore's locker room at the time!
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Major information emerges on PK Subban's trade from Montreal

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