Logan Mailloux: Alex Burrows makes a shocking comparison

Aaron Itovitch
April 18, 2024  (11:38)

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Logan Mailloux
Photo credit: TSN

The assistant coach of the Montreal Canadiens, Alexandre Burrows, was really impressed by the debuts of Lane Hutson and Logan Mailloux.

He was very complimentary towards both defensemen, not hiding his excitement for what these two young players will become with the team in a few years.
However, what particularly caught our attention were his comments about Mailloux's level of play.
Given his large frame at 6 feet 3 inches and over 220 pounds at just 21 years old, Mailloux's potential is tantalizing to Burrows. He especially enjoyed a sequence where the first-round pick in 2021 demonstrated his toughness against the Red Wings.
« The one I like the most was on (Lucas) Raymond in the second period, he explained. He was going down the side of the boards and he pinched him. Raymond fell on his butt. I immediately nudged (assistant) Trevor Letowski saying 'that hurts'. There's value in small plays like that, inconspicuous ones. » - Alex Burrows

Moreover, the former NHL player also reported that the Tricolore's development team was very satisfied with the work Mailloux did in Laval, during his first professional season.
« We can see that there is progression in his game, offensively and defensively. He seems like a mix of Lyle Odelein, Shea Weber, and Mike Komisarek in the body. Traits that are very positive for the organization. » - Alex Burrows

Burrows even dared to make a direct comparison with the former captain of the Montreal Canadiens, Shea Weber.
« He has some Shea Weber in him. When he gains confidence, gets to know the league a bit more, I think he will scare many opposing forwards. » - Alex Burrows

Wow! Let's just say that bodes well for the rest of his career. If he becomes even half of what Weber could bring to the ice, combining offense and toughness, Mailloux would be a heck of a good choice for a 31st draft pick.
I must say that I also like the comparison, as like the former number 6 of the CH, Mailloux has a thunderous shot that can beat opposing goalies from the blue line regularly.
He dazzled in Laval this season, his first in the AHL, scoring 14 goals and earning 47 points in 70 games. Even as a rookie, he should finish the season ranked 3rd among all defensemen in league scoring.
His potential is very promising and the Canadiens may have found a solid future top-4 on the right side with him and David Reinbacher.
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Logan Mailloux: Alex Burrows makes a shocking comparison

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