Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes and defenseman prospect David Reinbacher
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Kent Hughes Confirms Major Rumour Involving David Reinbacher

Published March 20, 2024 at 8:55

It was an extremely difficult season for David Reinbacher in Switzerland this year, not because of his performance, but because he played for the worst team in the league, which had absolutely no offensive talent.

The Montreal Canadiens were keeping an eye on the development of one of their most promising prospects, and this unfavorable context for his progression has certainly worried the management on several occasions.

It was whispered behind the scenes that the top brass of the Canadiens was eagerly waiting for the Austrian defenseman's season to end, and we just got the ultimate proof of that.

Kent Hughes confirms the rumor about Reinbacher's arrival in Quebec

"We have been following the playoffs in Switzerland for a few weeks hoping to get the desired results so that David could come to Montreal as soon as possible." - Kent Hughes

Thus, the General Manager of the Canadiens reveals that he shared the same sentiment as all the fans of the team, hoping to see a positive outcome materialize so that the fifth overall pick in the last draft could land in Laval as quickly as possible.

In other words, he was hoping for the defeat of teams that could delay the official arrival of the defenseman in the organization.

This is quite an unusual anecdote coming from a high executive like Hughes, but his transparency is perfect.

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Kent Hughes Confirms Major Rumour Involving David Reinbacher

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