Here's where Juraj Slafkovsky and David Reinbacher would land in the 2024 draft

Guillaume Bergeron
June 12, 2024  (10:54)

Juraj Slafkovsky
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The evaluation of the 2024 NHL draft is sparking debates. To attempt to provide a perspective based on known data, three scouts were interviewed regarding the likely position of David Reinbacher and Juraj Slafkovsky in this cohort.

Of course, to provide as precise a response as possible, the scouts used the available information on Reinbacher and Slafkovsky at the time of their draft year, without considering their subsequent performances.
"The three scouts surveyed do not exactly agree on where the 2022 version of Slafkovsky would be ranked this year, but one thing is clear to them: he wouldn't surpass Macklin Celebrini.
"He would come out in the top 3, definitely," says a scout working in the East.
The sentiment is echoed by another scout, working for a Western team: "He would go in the top five, but not number one."
Our third contributor is either more critical of Slafkovsky or more complimentary towards the eligible players at the beginning of this year's draft.
"I see him somewhat in the same category as Cayden Lindstrom, who, for me, is between six and 10." - Kevin Dubé, Journal de Québec.
For defenseman Reinbacher, he would still have a very high rating this year.
"For me, Artyom Levshunov might be the only defenseman I would rank ahead of Reinbacher. I liked him a lot in his draft year, and I thought he fit perfectly in Montreal. At the World Juniors with Austria, he was by far their best player. He was all alone on his team."
The other two surveyed scouts are a bit more cautious.
"In this group, Reinbacher would be among the top three or four defensemen," one of them mentions. "He would go in the top 10. People are critical of him in Montreal, and I don't understand why. If he becomes a Noah Dobson, I think everyone will be satisfied."
"I think there would be three defensemen ahead of him: Artyom Levshunov, Anton Silayev, and Sam Dickinson," the third contributor asserts. - Kevin Dubé, Journal de Québec.
Regarding the draft as a whole, a consensus is emerging: it seems promising for picks made in the first half of the first round.
Beyond that zone, the quality of players decreases significantly, leaving little depth for later selections.
Source: Journal de Québec
Où sortiraient Juraj Slafkovsky et David Reinbacher au repêchage de 2024?
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Here's where Juraj Slafkovsky and David Reinbacher would land in the 2024 draft

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