Montreal Canadiens' David Savard.
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David Savard just sent a strong message to Kent Hughes about his possible departure from the Canadiens

Published March 7, 2024 at 2:29 PM

Just a few hours before the trade deadline, the situation with David Savard is generating a lot of buzz.

Even though the market has been relatively quiet so far, there's a lot going on behind the scenes as multiple negotiations between teams continue.

Kent Hughes has openly stated that he is not actively shopping the 33-year-old Quebec veteran, but he also mentioned that this doesn't prevent him from listening to offers for him, as he does for all his players.

The Canadiens' GM has set his price for Savard, and it will require at least a first-round pick to be part of the deal according to what was reported by Pierre LeBrun from TSN, a few days ago.

The Canadiens' defenseman understands the situation very well, having seen a lot since his NHL debut in 2014, and knows that he could change addresses soon if a team makes an offer that's impossible to refuse.

However, this has not stopped him from sending another strong message to the team's management, to put all the chances on his side to stay in Montreal.

"I know these things can happen," Savard agreed. "I told them (that I wanted to stay) and they're happy with me. I don't think they're trying to trade me. But you never know how things will evolve, if they receive a good offer and decide to accept it. But as I've said in the past, it was cool for me to come back to Montreal and play for the team of my childhood. I've been very happy here, I think the fans and the organization have treated me very well. I appreciate every second." - David Savard

He also reiterated his desire to remain with the Canadiens to continue the major rebuilding project and help relaunch the franchise.

"I know rumors are circulating, but for me, it changes nothing in my vision. I'm here and I still want to be here. I hope it stays that way. We have a good team spirit. We're heading in a pleasant direction and I want to be part of it." - David Savard

He concludes by stating his desire to continue helping the young players and strongly wishing to contribute to their development in the NHL.

"There are guys who helped me a lot at the beginning of my career. Now, it's my turn to help the young ones feel comfortable and benefit from my knowledge," he declared. "All the mistakes I've made over the years, if they can make them less often than me, it will help them." - David Savard

After all these statements coming directly from Savard's heart, it would certainly be with reluctance that Kent Hughes would agree to trade him, even if it could allow the Canadiens to receive a dazzling offer.

It will be interesting to see what happens by Friday in terms of trades, but one thing is certain, the CH will not be at a loss to keep Savard's services for another season.

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David Savard just sent a strong message to Kent Hughes about his possible departure from the Canadiens

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