Cole Caufield's off-ice issues: Major update from insiders

Aaron Itovitch
April 15, 2024  (3:39 PM)

Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield
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Cole Caufield has made headlines this season not just for his on-ice performances but also for his nightlife habits, which have sparked comments, especially following a statement by veteran journalist Réjean Tremblay.

Réjean Tremblay noted about the young Montreal Canadiens forward:
«Cole Caufield had clearly consumed too much cough syrup. Poor boy, he was all dizzy.» - Réjean Tremblay

The guys from the popular podcast Stanley25 also addressed this point, reporting some details about the off-ice habits of number 22, and their comments generated a lot of discussions.
In connection with these habits and the recent excellent performances of the 23-year-old forward, Maxime Truman has raised something interesting that deserves attention.
«No one asked Cole Caufield if there was a connection between the fact that NOBODY has seen him in bars for two, three weeks and the fact that he has scored seven goals in his last seven games.»

«We haven't asked him if being quieter – because he has been for some time – allows him to be better on the ice in the best league in the world.»

«According to several people, Cole Caufield has been leading a more orderly life for some time – has the CH talked to him? – and he is much more productive on the ice. Is there a correlation to be made between the two? Or is it just coincidence?» - Maxime Truman, via DLC

We report this information not necessarily to validate the point that the recent changes in Caufield's lifestyle mentioned by Truman are actually the cause of his goal streak, but rather to affirm that he seems to be taking more care now.
It's good to take time for oneself to relax and unwind; all players have the right to enjoy life at opportune moments in a season.
However, I consider that Caufield's recent success is more explainable by the fact that he is increasingly positioning himself in the "paying zones," that is, very close to the opposing net, something he hardly did this season.
He positions himself in the paying zones, and it is this aspect of the game that he lacked this year. If he maintains this new habit next year, Caufield is likely to score a lot, which would silence his critics.
In 80 games so far, the Canadiens' 15th overall pick in 2019 has totaled 27 goals and 64 points, during a season that some describe as "disappointing."
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Cole Caufield's off-ice issues: Major update from insiders

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