Montreal Canadiens defenseman Logan Mailloux
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Canadiens Insider Makes a Surprising Statement on Logan Mailloux's Future

Published March 15, 2024 at 1:10 PM

During the latest episode of the Stanley25 podcast, where Georges Laraque was notably a guest, Maxime Truman and Jean Trudel made a strong impact by disclosing exclusive information about Montreal Canadiens' prospect Logan Mailloux.

Indeed, Truman first announced that, according to his sources, the 20-year-old defenseman will finish the season in Montreal, as he will be recalled by Kent Hughes in the coming weeks.

"According to what I've been told, by the end of the season, Logan, if there are no injuries or issues with recall limits, will come to play in Montreal. It's not a 'he should' or 'maybe,' he will come to play with the Canadiens." - Maxime Truman

Wow! This would mean that the plan for the Tricolore would be to offer him a promotion by allowing him to play his very first minutes in the NHL this year. After all, it would be well deserved as the 31st overall pick in 2021 has greatly improved his defensive work, while being a constant threat in the offensive zone (38 points in 58 games).

However, shortly after this statement, JT piqued the curiosity of Montreal fans by indicating that he held very compromising information about the defenseman. According to him, if this information were to be made public, Logan Mailloux would be "OUT" of the organization.

"I think Logan Mailloux will not spend his entire career with the Montreal Canadiens. I have information about him that, if I released (publicly), he would be OUT." - Jean Trudel

That's huge!

If JT was able to assert that this information could get Logan Mailloux out of Montreal, it's potentially because he holds a major scoop. Obviously, even though Maxime Truman tried to get him to spill the beans, Trudel categorically refused to share what he knew about the defenseman.

However, even though he refused to say more, he still revealed a clue, suggesting that his information could possibly be related to a viral video he made last summer.

"I made a viral video, last summer and it's related to Logan..." - JT Utah

It's difficult to know precisely which video he's talking about, but one vividly remembers a viral video concerning the famous saga involving influencer Vanessa Cosi and Logan Mailloux made by JT last fall.

This will be a case to watch!

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Canadiens Insider Makes a Surprising Statement on Logan Mailloux's Future

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