Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St-Louis and his family
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Canadiens Expert Reveals the True Impact of Losing Martin St-Louis Indefinitely

Published March 17, 2024 at 8:05 PM

Following the striking news about the departure of the Montreal Canadiens' head coach, Martin St-Louis, journalist Jonathan Bernier of the Journal de Montréal recently published an article delving into the impact of this announcement.

He addressed the sporting side by highlighting the effects of the situation on the performance of the Canadiens, always respecting the human aspect throughout.

Naturally, nothing is more important than family and health.

« That being said, one can easily understand that it is not trivial. One does not leave his team to be by the side of one of his sons for a mere sinus infection. Moreover, it is unknown how long St-Louis will have to be away.

The health of a loved one is much more important than a team's performance. And that, his players perfectly understand. As does everyone else. » - Jonathan Bernier, JdeM

Nonetheless, unfortunately for the Canadiens, the season continues regardless, and it could affect the team's results.

« Still, it's worth wondering what the impact of this absence will be on the group.

This belief in progress, the process, and a bright future, this buy-in to the system and concepts by the players, comes from him.

Trevor Letowski, who has previously held the position of head coach in the Ontario Hockey League, will manage the Xs and Os very well. But the main instiller of hope, the seller of refrigerators to Eskimos, is St-Louis. (and they will have to continue without him for now)

This is the challenge that awaits the Canadiens. Tuesday night, for example, the Oilers will not ease up to be good sports. » - Jonathan Bernier, JdeM

As one can understand, in the context of the team facing a continual challenge of motivation with a losing season, this significant ordeal will surely hurt the morale of the troops.

It will be a big test for the young core. Although their attention may be elsewhere than on hockey right now, the team's leaders will need to step up and fill the vacant and nearly irreplaceable role of Martin.

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Canadiens Expert Reveals the True Impact of Losing Martin St-Louis Indefinitely

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