Arber Xhekaj traded? Shocking update from Maxime Truman

Aaron Itovitch
April 9, 2024  (1:38 PM)

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Arber Xhekaj
Photo credit: LaPresse

Following the announcement from the Canadiens about the significant injury suffered by Arber Xhekaj, major information has surfaced regarding a significant trade involving him.

According to what has just been reported by Maxime Truman, a bomb could hit the Montreal Canadiens during the offseason.
He revealed very relevant information that raises a strong possibility that the Sheriff may have played his last game in the Tricolore uniform.
«Trustworthy people told me this morning that Xhekaj's future with the Canadiens is not as bright as a starry sky in broad daylight. Metaphor with yesterday's day.» - Maxime Truman

According to what Truman also unveiled, there is concern surrounding the Canadiens related to a second shoulder surgery in as many seasons for him. He even adds that the left shoulder injured this year has been problematic for him for quite some time.
Will these two operations harm the robust playing style that characterizes Xhekaj? If it removes the robust aspect of his play, it is clear that he becomes half as effective on the ice.
Several factors might be weighing heavily in the Canadiens' reflection on monetizing his services as early as this summer, according to Truman.
«Demotion to Laval Playing style that does not fully please the coach a goon who could lose value due to multiple shoulder operations» - Maxime Truman

The situation of surplus in the defensive brigade, especially on the left side, would be another aspect influencing a trade of Xhekaj.
«Will Kent Hughes decide to sacrifice Arber Xhekaj during the offseason as he did with Alexander Romanov two years ago? There is a surplus of left-handed defensemen in Montreal, there were good offers on the table for Xhekaj not so long ago (first-round pick or quality prospect?) and the Habs need reinforcement in the attack.

[] The person I spoke to IN PRIVATE this morning is far too credible for me to dismiss out of hand.» - Maxime Truman

However, one thing is certain, if Xhekaj were to be traded during the next offseason, it would surely have to be worth it in the eyes of the fans, as he is a crowd favorite.
«A little advice to Chantal and her subordinates: prepare a well-structured communication plan to explain the transaction of Arber Xhekaj if he is ever traded, of course.» - Maxime Truman

Moreover, in light of the controversy that erupted at the last draft with the selection of David Reinbacher, it is increasingly evident that dissatisfaction can quickly escalate (which is not necessarily a good thing).
A big summer is expected for the Canadiens, and we are eager to see what decisions the management will make during this crucial summer season for the team's rebuild.
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Arber Xhekaj traded? Shocking update from Maxime Truman

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