Amazing update ahead of the draft: things are looking good

Aaron Itovitch
April 8, 2024  (11:00)

Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes
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A surprising development has just occurred for the Montreal Canadiens, and the situation is becoming increasingly interesting for Kent Hughes as the 2024 draft approaches.

With only five games left to play this season, last night turned out to be extremely advantageous for the Montreal organization. Everything unfolded perfectly to improve the team's fate, in order to have maximum control over its own destiny.
With the results from last night, CH fans learned some good news this morning:
«Coyotes win
Sens win
CH loss

Perfect evening for the Canadiens' lottery ticket which is now the 5th best!» - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

It will be a tight race until the end between the Tricolore, the Arizona Coyotes, and the Ottawa Senators. The Calgary Flames, who have been on a losing streak for some time, should not be counted out of the picture either.
Here is the current outlook for the next draft:

So, what does all of this concretely mean for the future of the Canadiens?
- A top-5 overall pick becomes very probable.

• Better chances of winning the Macklin Celebrini lottery (now 8.5% chance).
• Better chances of winning the 2nd overall pick in 2024.
• And also limits the loss of position in case of an unfavorable result at the lottery for the Canadiens.

Very interesting end of the season for the Canadiens and for the fans of tanking

Among the five remaining games for Martin St-Louis' team, there is an interesting particularity, and that is the fact that they will face four times teams battling for a playoff spot with Detroit (twice), New York (Islanders), and Philadelphia.
The remaining game will also be just as thrilling for the race to the top draft ranks, as the Canadiens will face Ottawa in a 4-point draft duel.
With Celebrini as a grand consolation prize (in the event of a lottery stroke of luck), the possibility of seeing Kent Hughes snagging an elite talent like Ivan Demidov, Cayden Lindstrom, or Cole Eiserman becomes more plausible if the club finishes 5th in the NHL's reverse standings.
The end of the season will surely be closely followed by the fans.
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Amazing update ahead of the draft: things are looking good

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