The Real Reason Cole Caufield Can't Score Emerges

Published December 13, 2023 at 10:19

There are several issues with the Montreal Canadiens that are generating buzz this season.

Of course, the three-goalkeeper situation is drawing a lot of attention, but so is the lack of goals scored by the forwards.

One of the most successful players in putting the puck in the net is undoubtedly Cole Caufield. However, like the rest of the team, the sharpshooter is having a tough time this year. In 28 games played, he has only scored seven goals. At this rate, he will barely reach the 20-goal mark, with 21.

From what can be seen in his play, there are two distinct problems: his struggles at even strength and in power play situations. However, there is a common reality that explains his problems in both aspects of the game.

In connection with what is lacking for number 22 this season, the head coach of the Canadiens, Martin St-Louis, made a significant statement.

«Where are those chances? It's rare that they are always from the outside (of the slot). The chances are inside.» - Martin St-Louis

As a talented player, the 22-year-old American constantly plays on the periphery, rarely positioning himself in the more lucrative areas, like the opponent's net slot.

This is an important aspect that is preventing him from succeeding, because unlike last year when he often scored from a distance, that is no longer the case this season.

He will need to adapt his positioning accordingly and be willing to pay the price in front of the opposing goal to get better scoring opportunities.

Caufield himself admitted that he needs to do this more often, sensing the right moments to integrate into the interior of the play.

«It's not really about having a presence in front of the net, it's about getting inside the slot and catching the other team by surprise. We can always be around the net more often. These moments can allow us to recover rebounds and loose pucks. It's a question of timing and being more often inside.» - Cole Caufield

Caufield is a natural scorer, and this dry spell is very important in his development. He has hit a wall and must find solutions to improve his game.

In the long term, I believe this third year will be extremely beneficial for him to become a better offensive zone player.

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The Real Reason Cole Caufield Can't Score Emerges

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