Montreal Canadiens vice president of hockey operations Jeff Gorton and head coach Martin St. Louis
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Tension in the Canadiens Organization: Martin St. Louis Claps Back at Jeff Gorton

Published January 24, 2024 at 9:01

Over the last few hours, the VP of Hockey Operations for the Montreal Canadiens, Jeff Gorton, was on TSN 690 for an interview.

He addressed several hot topics, but it was particularly a statement related to a situation within the organization that caused a lot of buzz on social media.

Gorton openly revealed that there is tension in the Tricolore's locker room right now. Wow!

«During his appearance on TSN 690 today, Gorton acknowledged it: there is tension within the team at the moment. [...]

Even at this morning's practice, Gorton (who mentioned that a trade is not imminent, by the way) felt there was a persisting tension within the team.» - excerpt from an article by Félix Forget (DLC.com)

Already, we are somewhat surprised to learn this information, but considering that the club has suffered two crushing defeats in a row in its last two games, it may not be a surprise.

However, the story does not stop there, as Martin St-Louis also added his two cents, which further fuels the misunderstanding and speculation about this matter within the organization.

When asked about the tensions in his locker room, the head coach outright denied his vice president's statements. See his response:

«I wouldn't say there's tension within the team. Disappointment, maybe. But tension, no. I would have to ask Jeff Gorton what he meant by that.» - Martin St-Louis

It seems there is a divergence of opinions between what is really happening in the locker room and the management's version.

Nonetheless, it is clear that a big discussion is likely to happen between St-Louis and Gorton about this «tension», and in my opinion, the coach is likely to send a strong message to his boss to not discuss such topics about his team publicly.

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Tension in the Canadiens Organization: Martin St. Louis Claps Back at Jeff Gorton

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