Sportsnet Disses Juraj Slafkovsky and Immediately Regrets It

Published January 16, 2024 at 5:04 PM

Since last night's game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Colorado Avalanche, there's been a controversial story stirring quite a buzz on social media.

Without necessarily understanding the basis of their analysis, experts from Sportsnet outright humiliated Juraj Slafkovsky live by stating several details suggesting they have no idea what they are talking about.

"SN goes after Slafkovsky, because of the big hits he took. They suggest he should either play in Laval or on the 4th line. He said we will see where he is placed in the lineup tonight. Response from HABS: These were last year's problems. Terrible, lazy, and misinformed analysis." - Habs Chronicle

While the first overall pick in the 2022 draft has been playing some great hockey lately, even showing an interesting production of three goals and eight points in his last 12 games, the panelists from Sportsnet claim that Martin St-Louis should consider placing Slafkovsky on the 4th line of the team.


Sportsnet: - "And if they put Juraj Slafkovsky down in the lineup on the 4th line?" - "We will wait to see where he has placed himself in the lineup tonight." Response from HABS: Juraj has been on the 1st line of the Canadiens for almost a month now. Has any of these guys watched a single Canadiens game recently?

He even mentions that they are not sure where the Slovak will end up in the game's lineup, while he has been on the first line of the Canadiens for more than a month.

What an absolutely embarrassing analysis from these experts, clearly demonstrating their blatant incompetence!

The best part is that Slaf scored a big goal that got the Canadiens back in the game after a first half period dominated by the Avalanche.

Take that, Sportsnet!

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Sportsnet Disses Juraj Slafkovsky and Immediately Regrets It

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