Martin St. Louis to Force Player Onto Waivers? An Insider Has Revealed He Has Had Enough With a Young Mainstay

Published December 2, 2023 at 10:37

It was a tough loss for the Montreal Canadiens last Thursday. The team was competing well against the powerful Florida Panthers, but unfortunately, young Cayden Primeau allowed bad goals in the third period, leading to the loss.

While it's true that he didn't perform well, it's also important to note that the Canadiens hadn't scored at the time when Primeau's performance started to falter.

You can't win a game if you don't score, or even if you score just one, as was eventually the case for the Canadiens. Moreover, it's not the goalie's fault if the team failed to score on six power-play opportunities.

Despite all this, many, including Martin St-Louis, according to Stéphane Fiset on L'Antichambre, attributed the loss to Primeau. During his press conference, the head coach was unhappy with his goaltender, even though he didn't want to directly blame him.

Former NHL goaltender Stéphane Fiset stated that the three-goalie situation is seriously weighing heavily on St-Louis, who is starting to get irritated by it.

"He's angry about a situation. Martin has never dared to blame the players, but tonight, you see that he's angry with his goaltender. The team played a good 40 minutes, and in the third period, Primeau allowed bad goals, which completely changed the complexion of the game. And maybe Primeau wasn't the goalie he would have wanted in net (against the Panthers)." - Stéphane Fiset

Here's the excerpt in question:

It's always unfair to blame a young player for mistakes when veterans with several seasons under their belt make them too. Jake Allen also didn't perform well against the Los Angeles Kings in a similar game with little offensive support.

Despite conceding two questionable goals, Allen didn't face the same backlash, while for 24-year-old Primeau, it's become a significant negative mark in his career.

It's hard to understand why there's a sudden rush to get rid of him after a bad period in five games.
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Martin St. Louis to Force Player Onto Waivers? An Insider Has Revealed He Has Had Enough With a Young Mainstay

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