Martin St-Louis Shares a Big Message to Fans

Published December 8, 2023 at 11:55

In their second encounter in nearly two weeks, the powerful Los Angeles Kings faced off against the team.

Not only are they a defensively dominant opponent, but this Western team also employs a rather dull playing style for the audience, and the Tricolore couldn't find a way to contribute to the score. The result: a 4-0 defeat at the Bell Centre.

Unfortunately for the viewers, it was likely a very tedious match to watch, and they made their feelings known at the end of the game with a loud wave of boos.

Journalist Anthony Martineau recorded a segment from the press gallery.

In his post-game press conference, Martin St-Louis was asked about these boos and he delivered a strong message to the fans.

"I understand their disappointment. We're disappointed too. You want to do well for your fans, but we couldn't manage to score a goal. In the third, I would have liked to have a better push for our fans, it was a tough task, but we will get back to work." - Martin St-Louis

It's great to hear this from a coach who doesn't shy away and always hopes for the best show for the fans.

The good news now is that the CH will not face the Kings for the rest of the season.

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Martin St-Louis Shares a Big Message to Fans

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