Montreal Canadiens defenseman prospect David Reinbacher
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Major Trade May Lead to the End of David Reinbacher's Tenure in the Swiss National League: His Fate Has Likely Been Confirmed

Published January 11, 2024 at 1:47 PM

Things are shaking up significantly for the Kloten team in Switzerland, the team of David Reinbacher.

They're having a disastrous season, languishing at the bottom of the overall standings. They've managed only one victory in their last 10 games, and collectively scored just six goals in their last five outings.

The leadership of the Montreal Canadiens is closely monitoring the situation, as their latest gem is grappling with a team in considerable trouble.

It certainly wasn't the Canadiens' plan to place the fifth overall pick of the last draft in such a complex and unfavorable situation for his development.

In fact, a rumor has started to gain momentum in recent days, suggesting a significant turnaround involving the Austrian defender.

Thibault Chatel, an advanced statistics expert for the league where Reinbacher plays, along with the excellent Marco D'Amico, have raised the strong possibility that the Canadiens might decide to pull their young prospect from Switzerland sooner than expected.

An important element that could indicate Kloten is preparing for the player's departure is that the organization just signed a young right-handed offensive defenseman. What strikes Chatel is that the team already has 7 to 8 healthy defensemen, so why add another?

«Kloten has acquired another young right-handed offensive defenseman.

Is this to prepare for next year? Or is it something else?

Kloten already has 7 to 8 healthy men.» - Thibault Chatel

«Kloten acquires Dario Sidley, a 20-year-old right-handed defenseman, which is interesting.

Could this coincidence be Kloten getting ready for Reinbacher's eventual departure.

Since David Reinbacher was picked in the first round and has already signed his ELC, the Canadiens can recall him from Kloten at any time.» - Marco D'Amico

Additionally, the Laval Rocket has been playing excellent hockey since December. The team is making up for its poor start to the season, and Jean-François Houle's squad will be playing important games until the end of the year to qualify for the playoffs.

This would be a much better context for Reinbacher's development, and his arrival could certainly help the Rocket in their playoff pursuit.

In the worst case, it may be necessary to wait until the end of Kloten's season in April for him to move to North America, but an earlier recall is something to watch for, according to Chatel and D'Amico.

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Major Trade May Lead to the End of David Reinbacher's Tenure in the Swiss National League: His Fate Has Likely Been Confirmed

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