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Major Surprise in Montreal: Jayden Struble Continues to Show That He is Part of the Future

Published December 21, 2023 at 5:07 PM

Over the past few weeks, a big surprise has occurred with the Montreal Canadiens. Indeed, following the injuries of Jordan Harris and Arber Xhekaj, the organization recalled the young 22-year-old defenseman, Jayden Struble.

Although initially, the second-round pick in 2019 joined the team with the idea of being the seventh defenseman, he quickly established himself as a crucial element in Martin St-Louis' lineup. His excellent performances impressed the management so much that Kent Hughes decided to send Xhekaj to the American League upon his return.

On this matter, former Montreal Canadiens enforcer Georges Laraque is categorical: Jayden Struble must absolutely stay with the main club. In just a few weeks, the Northeastern University alumnus has earned his place in the Montreal roster, quickly becoming a key player in the Canadiens' success.

"Jayden Struble played nine games with the Rocket this year, no one expected him to be this exceptional in the NHL. He has reached another level, he will never go down to the American League again. He is really solid!

Before the season, when we talked about our defensive brigade, we mostly mentioned Logan Mailloux and Lane Hutson, his name [Jayden Struble] was never mentioned. Now you look at him, and you think, 'Oh my god, you're talking about someone who has completely skewed the data.' You have no choice but to keep him with the main club, otherwise another team will snatch him up." - Georges Laraque

Wow! It's very promising to hear such comments about the young defenseman!

Very reliable in defensive territory, Jayden Struble knows exactly how to use his imposing physique to win his battles along the boards or to clean up in front of the CH's net. Moreover, he has excellent skating skills and exceptional game vision, which greatly facilitates zone exits when Martin St-Louis' men are bottled up in their own territory.

Furthermore, without being an offensive-minded defenseman, the number 47 of the Canadiens seizes the opportunities that arise to support the Montreal attack. He seems to constantly make the right decisions on the ice, knowing always when to hang back or when to move forward to try to create scoring opportunities.

His first goal scored at the Bell Centre is concrete proof of his great talent, as he easily won the neutral zone before supporting the attack to take control of a loose puck in front of the net.

One thing is certain, the Montreal Canadiens got their hands on a very special defenseman in 2019, and everything suggests that this selection could turn out to be a real steal for the organization. It will certainly be interesting to follow his progression in the coming seasons, as he could force the management to offer him an even more important role in the defensive brigade in the future.

To listen to Georges Laraque and Stépane Gonzalez's discussion, click here:

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Major Surprise in Montreal: Jayden Struble Continues to Show That He is Part of the Future

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