Former Canadiens Player Admits it was a Mistake to Leave the Team

Published October 30, 2023 at 1:43 PM

The rebuild process initiated by Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton also had significant repercussions on the CH's farm team, the Laval Rocket. Knowing that many prospects from the organization would make their professional debuts, several veterans left the team in search of better opportunities elsewhere.

This was the case for Anthony Richard (Boston Bruins) and Alex Belzile (New York Rangers), who had played major roles in the Rocket's success the previous year. Both Quebec-born forwards chose to try their luck with a new team in hopes of securing a spot in the NHL.

Sadly, both former Canadiens players did not succeed in their gamble, starting the year in the American League. Another Canadiens player, Laurent Dauphin, also made a similar decision in the summer of 2022. However, even though he played 38 games (12 points) with the Canadiens the previous year, the forward from Repentigny only played 21 games with the Arizona Coyotes in 2022-2023, scoring just one goal.

In an interview with TVA Sports, Laurent Dauphin admitted that he regretted not signing the offer from the Montreal Canadiens. He mentioned that he might have had the chance to play more games in the NHL because of the numerous injuries that affected the organization last year.

«I had received a somewhat similar offer from Arizona, but I thought my chances were better to play there than with the Canadiens and their pool of young players. In the end, things were so-so in Arizona.

But you make decisions; it was July 1st, and it's hard to predict the future. Montreal had many injuries, and I probably would've played, but it's hard to know. We tried to make the best hockey decision. It was tough to leave an environment I loved." - Laurent Dauphin

After a challenging year in Arizona, the 28-year-old forward decided to leave North America and settle in Europe with his family. He is currently playing with Ambri-Piotta in the top Swiss league. He's had a great start to the season, with three goals and nine assists (12 points) in 12 games.

There are high hopes that his strong performances will earn him a full-time spot in the NHL next year!
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Former Canadiens Player Admits it was a Mistake to Leave the Team

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