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Chantal Machabee Makes a Major Statement: The 2023-24 Season May Take a Surprising Turn

Published December 22, 2023 at 11:39

The team led by Martin St-Louis has been performing quite well lately, providing strong opposition even against the top teams in the league, despite several significant injuries in the lineup.

While many analysts predicted a challenging season with possibly a bottom-tier position in the NHL, the Canadiens are maintaining their pace in the pack of teams vying for the playoffs, for now.

With the recent successes of the CH, even Chantal Machabée, the Vice President of Hockey Communications for the Montreal Canadiens, made an intriguing revelation about the current group in Montreal.

"It's a great group of guys. We're having fun. I'm telling you: we could surprise some people." - Chantal Machabée

Chantal candidly admits that the Canadiens could surprise the hockey world this year, and given the performances in recent games, there is reason to believe.

Nevertheless, the race for a playoff spot is very demanding, and it seems that the team is not quite ready to reach this goal at the moment. However, it is undeniable that there has been progress in the Canadiens' performances.

The players fight in every game and never give up, as we saw yesterday against the Minnesota Wild. They overcame a two-goal deficit and managed to tie the game in the late third period, forcing overtime.

The Canadiens' players appear truly united, and this is encouraging to observe. This is the kind of culture St-Louis wants to establish, and it is undeniable that we are moving in the right direction.

Moreover, Chantal shared a very interesting anecdote demonstrating the strength of the current group in the locker room.

"When Josh Anderson was named first star and he was cheered, I always wait for the player to take him to the locker room. The players heard this cheer. And when Josh entered the locker room, he received a cheer inside the locker room. And it was so beautiful. I had tears in my eyes." - Chantal Machabée

This seems promising for the coming years!


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Chantal Machabee Makes a Major Statement: The 2023-24 Season May Take a Surprising Turn

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