Official Verdict Revealed for Marc-Andre Fleury

Published November 30, 2023 at 8:16 PM

Before the notorious story surrounding Corey Perry hit the NHL hard, a topic that was attracting a lot of attention across the NHL was undoubtedly the actions of Marc-André Fleury.

Indeed, the Quebec goalie chose to honor Indigenous heritage, as well as his Native American wife, by wearing a mask dedicated to the First Nations, despite the ban by the National Hockey League commissioner. Despite Gary Bettman's threats, Fleury kept his word by wearing his beautiful mask against the Colorado Avalanche on November 24th.

Many fans were questioning the penalty or fine that would be imposed on him for daring to defy the NHL. However, in the last few hours, a very interesting update has come through Ryan Whitney during his "Spittin' Chiclets" podcast.

According to information reported by the former NHL defenseman, an official verdict has finally been made and no sanction will be imposed on the Minnesota Wild goalie.

"The best part of all this and what's weirdest is that there wasn't even any sanction. They make a big deal out of it, saying he can't wear his mask during a game, then they forbid him from wearing it during warm-up. In the end, Marc-André Fleury wears it anyway and absolutely nothing happened." - Ryan Whitney

Wow! Marc-André Fleury definitely did well to stand up to the NHL and promote his convictions!

Note that the mask, which was auctioned on the Minnesota Wild Foundation's website, has exceeded the amount of $15,000. Of course, all profits from its sale will be donated to the Minnesota Wild Foundation and the American Indian Center.

Once again, congratulations to Marc-André Fleury for not deviating from his values! It's all to his credit!

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Official Verdict Revealed for Marc-Andre Fleury

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