MAJOR: Gary Bettman Finally Addresses the Corey Perry Investigation

Published December 6, 2023 at 1:41 PM

During a recent press conference following the NHL governors' meeting, Gary Bettman, the NHL Commissioner, shared several important pieces of information. One of the key topics addressed was the controversy involving former Montreal Canadiens forward Corey Perry.

Bettman expressed his satisfaction with the results of the internal investigation conducted by the Chicago Blackhawks organization.

"Bettman is comfortable with the Blackhawks' investigation results on Corey Perry and hasn't determined whether the player will need to have a conversation/hearing with him to return to play." - Elliotte Friedman

However, when questioned about the likelihood of Corey Perry returning to the NHL this season, Bettman appeared more hesitant. He mentioned that he had not yet discussed with his deputy, Bill Daly, whether the veteran would need to have a hearing with NHL executives to officially rejoin a team in the league.

"Gary Bettman says he hasn't yet determined if Corey Perry will need to have a conversation with him if he wishes to resume his NHL career at some point." - Chris Johnston

Regardless, Corey Perry's return to play is far from confirmed, as he is likely not focused on finding a new team at the moment. Nevertheless, Bettman's statement implies that the league will not conduct any additional investigations into the former Blackhawks assistant captain's actions.

It seems that we will have to wait until Perry begins discussions with an NHL team before an official verdict is rendered by the league commissioner.

This will certainly be a story to follow in the coming weeks!

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MAJOR: Gary Bettman Finally Addresses the Corey Perry Investigation

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