MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Corey Perry's Future in the NHL Takes a Shocking Turn

Published December 4, 2023 at 11:58

According to a report by journalist Jim Matheson of Province Sports, there could be a significant development in the case of Corey Perry. The former Montreal Canadiens forward is potentially in the plans of the Edmonton Oilers, who might be willing to offer him a second chance.

" We can assume that Ken Holland will inquire about the forward. If Holland took the risk of signing Evander Kane, who had many off-ice problems, he would probably not be opposed to talking to Pat Morris, Perry's agent. The acquisition of Kane was a home run for Holland.

- Jim Matheson"

However, the journalist stipulates that the 38-year-old veteran must resolve his issues before hoping for a new contract.

" Holland will have to wait for Perry's situation to be resolved, and he will certainly have to conduct a thorough investigation into what Perry did to have his contract terminated in Chicago, but if he does not see it as a serious obstacle, Holland will go all in for Perry.

- Jim Matheson"

This could become a high-quality acquisition for a team that struggles to have good leaders to push the franchise in the right direction. Although Perry has committed reprehensible acts with Chicago, he remains an excellent teammate and a very good leader in the locker room.

Moreover, considering the price he is likely to cost, there's a strong chance he could become a bargain for the club. With a performance of four goals and nine points in 16 games with the Blackhawks, it seems he still has the fuel to contribute offensively as well.

It's worth noting that Perry will have until March 8th, the trade deadline, to sign a new deal for the rest of the season.

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MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Corey Perry's Future in the NHL Takes a Shocking Turn

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