Insider Drops a Bombshell on Corey Perry's Future in the NHL

Published December 5, 2023 at 11:56

The saga surrounding Corey Perry's contract termination by the Chicago Blackhawks has been a hot topic in the NHL in recent days.

Despite various persistent rumors, the real reason for his release was finally revealed. Perry reportedly violated a team rule while under the influence of alcohol in the company of teammates and some organization employees.

However, Chris Johnston, an esteemed analyst at TSN, has revealed a significant scoop regarding the 38-year-old veteran's future in the NHL.

Despite suggestions from several observers that this incident could end his career in the league, Johnston has indicated that Perry's return to the NHL should not be ruled out.

"According to my information, there may still be a path back to the NHL for Perry." - Chris Johnston

Johnston also added that many teams are currently conducting their investigations to learn more about the circumstances leading to his contract's termination.

Some general managers are clearly interested in acquiring his services, but they want to know what really happened before offering him a contract with their team.

It's intriguing!

There's no doubt that Corey Perry can still contribute to a team's success, having scored 9 points in 16 games this season. Moreover, as seen during his time in Montreal, he is an excellent veteran for mentoring young players.

Certainly, this will be a case to watch in the coming weeks. It wouldn't be surprising if he finds a new team by the trade deadline on March 8.

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Insider Drops a Bombshell on Corey Perry's Future in the NHL

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