Montreal Canadiens defenseman prospect Lane Hutson
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Kent Hughes may be on the verge of losing Lane Hutson's rights

Published March 27, 2024 at 4:04 PM

Worrying information concerning Lane Hutson has just emerged in connection with his signing with the Canadiens. According to a report by Dany Dubé of 98.5 Sports, Kent Hughes could be in a tricky situation in this case.

Indeed, according to what he hears, the entourage of the Canadiens' second-round pick in 2022 could have a certain influence on him potentially deciding to complete his career in the NCAA, in order to become a free agent afterwards and sign with the NHL team of his choice.

This scenario has occurred a few times in the past with American players, as was the case with Adam Fox, for example.

"Maybe he's being persuaded. What I've heard... There's chatter in his circle. If he doesn't have an offer from the Canadiens at the end of the season, maybe he will stay (at the University) and finish his college education. And after that, look at his options, because after that, he becomes a free player." - Dany Dubé

According to Dubé, it's crucial that Kent Hughes is aggressive in this matter to immediately come to an agreement with the promising 20-year-old defenseman as soon as he finishes his university season.

The Canadiens' general manager will have to meet his demands, notably that of burning a year of his contract by playing a few games by the end of the Canadiens' season.

"I think so. What I'm told is that: bring him to Montreal right away, it's urgent." - Martin McGuire

Truth be told, this is the first time we learn that Hutson could snub the Canadiens. He has mentioned on several occasions to the media that he likes the organization and was proud to have been drafted by the CH.

Although it's more of a symbolic gesture, he even made an appearance on a podcast wearing a Montreal Canadiens sweater.

It's hard to fully believe the information shared by Dubé, but anyway, Kent Hughes' plan is very clear: he wishes to sign and have Hutson play in Montreal as soon as he finishes his season with Boston University.

This means that the matter will be resolved within a few days/weeks.

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Kent Hughes may be on the verge of losing Lane Hutson's rights

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