Joshua Roy and Arber Xhekaj Sent to Laval? Their Fates Will Be Confirmed Imminently

Aaron Itovitch
March 5, 2024  (2:18 PM)

Montreal Canadiens players Arber Xhekaj and Joshua Roy
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Just a few days before the trade deadline, there's a lot of movement that could soon occur across the NHL, but also in Montreal.

Even if Kent Hughes doesn't make any trades in the next few hours, there will still be significant announcements happening around 3 PM on Friday.

Return to Laval announced for Joshua Roy and Arber Xhekaj with the Canadiens?

There's a strong possibility of seeing the Canadiens send one or more players to the Laval Rocket this Friday, including Joshua Roy and Arber Xhekaj, with a very specific goal in mind.
But don't panic, this does not mean that they will officially leave Martin St-Louis' lineup.
Kent Hughes has until Friday to submit the names of players he would like to send to the farm team at the end of the season, to participate in the playoffs if the Rocket qualifies.
Here is a detailed explanation from the Rocket's match descriptor, Anthony Marcotte:
"A quick reminder for the NHL trade deadline on Friday.

A team wanting to make one of its players eligible for the AHL playoffs must demote its player on Friday. The team can immediately recall him, but this will consume one of its 4 regular recalls available until the end of the season. This situation applies to any player recalled during the season from Laval, such as Joshua Roy and Jayden Struble. Last year, the Canadiens used this strategy in the cases of Corey Schueneman and Rafaël Harvey-Pinard. Both were thus able to play in the Rocket's playoffs.

If a team, due to injuries, finds itself below the minimum number of available players at each position, an emergency recall remains possible and will not count towards the number of emergency recalls.

For players requiring waivers, the same principle applies, except that the player in question must be submitted the day before so that the 31 other teams can claim him if they wish. The player can then be demoted the next day. For example, Alex Belzile was not submitted for waivers the day before the deadline last year, so it was immediately clear he would not return to Laval."

As Marcotte points out, from March 8th, the league will limit the maximum number of recalls to 4, meaning the Canadiens will have to carefully plan to ensure they're not caught short at the end of the season.
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Joshua Roy and Arber Xhekaj Sent to Laval? Their Fates Will Be Confirmed Imminently

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